Drum & Materials Handling Equipment And Attachment By Akber Ali & Sons


Atex and Stainless Steel

Grab-O-Matic Drum & Materials Handling Equipment Fork Truck Attachment by Akber Ali & Sons is most handy equipment for various sectors. All Grab-O-Matics are manufactured entirely in the UK to ISO 9001:2008, issued with Certificates of Conformity, CE marked and Test Certificates.Grab-O-Matic range of drum and materials handling fork truck attachments have developed a Quick Attach/Release System for their range that not only improves safety but also reduces production times.

It offers easy handling and lifting solutions to lift and move thousands of drums in a day. It has proved its usability and also efficiency with its end users that also speaks for its safety benefits during material handling needs. This innovative solution reduces the overall length of the unit to give the trucks more space to turn in between racks, a secure system to attach/release the units from the forks as they are constantly changing from moving pallets to moving drums and increased protection for the drums to eliminate dents and scratches at the base of the drums.

The three specifications; Grab-O-Matic QR-2-DLR-WP, the pillars (drum supports) were move back on top of the fork pockets, 150mm wide webbing drum supports were fitted to cushion the drums and the Quick Attach/Release System was fitted to the frames, makes this equipment a real supporter to incorporate tardy tasks without much manual support and time.

In addition to  standard product range it also offers bespoke units to customer specification, ATEX and stainless steel equipment for spark proof areas or clean areas for the pharmaceutical or food industry.

Grab O Matic aayag offers wide range of drum handling and materials handling fork truck attachments, Also Reel handling and pedestrian Handling Equipment of Grab O Matic by Akber Ali & Sons improves safety and increase productivity, a solution that reduces time and manual cost.

Grab-O-Matic has been proven over nearly 50 years in global environments. Today around the globe world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of engineering fluids and lubricants, are using this equipment and also upgrading their existing Grab-O-Matic fork attachment double drum handlers to the new Quick Attach/Release System for attaching and releasing the drum grabs from the forks of the fork trucks, which provides more safety and reduces production time.


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Hook Loader and Skip Loader

Hook And Skiploader

Akber Ali & Sons also supplies and installs the latest Palfinger’s  Hook and Skip Loaders, with highest quality standard and safety assurance. These are the most extended brand of lifting equipment designed for movable containers which deliver high performance, reduces operating cost due to its functional design with enhanced value for money, easy service and maintenance.

Skip Loaders of aayag are powerful vehicle mounted radial hydraulic lifting units for container handling and transportation. With safety assurance and effective usage they offer an ideal weight to capacity ratio that helps in optimizing the efficiency of your vehicle in a wide range of applications.

Also, Hook Loaders are Flexible and robust, with low dead weight and great lifting and tipping capacity a unique hook boom arrangement, perfect for handling a wide variety of container based modules. The Hook Loader is ideal and classic choice for scrap and waste metal disposal, containerized goods, building and construction materials, specialized modules such as fire, crime, accident and medical response units and transporting military materials and equipment.

Akber Ali & Sons have network across Pakistan to assure valued and reliable service 24/7, including supply of spare parts and other training facility.

To get more information on the most appropriate hook loader and skip loaders visit www.aayag.com to meet your requirements

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Aayag Hoisting, Lifting and Rigging Equipment


Aayag offers a broad range of Hoisting, Lifting and Rigging Equipment like, vacuum lifter, jib Cranes, hoists lift, hoisting slings, Electric lifts, Vacuum Gripper, trolleys, jacks, winches, lifting clamps, claws, chains, Anchor Chain & Accessories and hooks. Also we have broad variety of products that fall in different range likely, material handling equipment, transport and load restraint, Electric Chain & Wire Rope Hoist, Alloy Chain & Fittings, 4WD and Recovery Equipment, Rigging Hardware and more.

Besides, Akber Ali & Sons offers different appropriate solutions for any situation for which we have 24/7 availability of additional accessories and add-ons. We provide equipment with automatic and manual controls both as per customers need.

They are Ergonomic in use with reliable quality and robust construction.

Looking for the best brands like Tawi and Tractel or Konecranes we have all products with the best of its availability and after sale services.

Today in Pakistan Akber Ali & Sons equipment are in use in varied division with all its latest technicalities and best support by our service team. We are the leading suppliers of hoisting, Lifting or Rigging equipment throughout Pakistan. Whether its Oil & Gas sector, civil defense or aviation, Navy or Air force, Forestry, mining or Agriculture. Moreover our equipment are in high demand in all Industrial and Commercial sector.

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Industrial Material Handling Solutions by Akber Ali & Sons



With increase in industries and moving towards new and modern technology each day, material handling has also moved towards smart handling solutions. From risky manual handling and unstable & unsecured lifting, it’s always advisable to use technical assistance to avoid such hassles. Using the right equipment leads to smooth and quick operations; likewise vacuum lifters are ideal solution for many sectors and have ease the work and saves time and energy.

Akber Ali & Sons has introduced TAWI in Pakistan, Tawi is a renowned name in Industrial material handling solutions, which offers a wide range of lifting equipment and complete ergonomic lifting solutions. TAWI lifting equipment is low cost, low maintenance equipment that is easy to install and requires minimum effort to use. We supply vacuum liftersVacu Easylift and VacuCobra which stands out due to its dynamic performance and are the original vacuum tube lifters with over 50,000 units installed in over 50 countries. Achieve precise load positioning with these vacuum lifters with lifting capacities ranging up to 270 kg. Akber Ali & Sons has many models that may work right for your sector.

Akber Ali& Sons has supplied this amazing equipment in many divisions across Pakistan and with its amazing material handling and lifting potential, Tawi stands out to be one of the most useful and in demand product for every industry.

With the same our after sale service facility and availability of parts provides ease and satisfaction about the functioning usage of the equipment.

When looking for the best lifting solution for your product, look for Tawi @aayag.com.

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Cranes and Their Importance in Construction Industry

potain tower crane

Cranes play an integral role in the construction industry. These machines are used to lift, move, lower and raise the objects. Cranes have become the most essential and important mechanism in construction sites. Cranes which works normally works with hoist, chains, ropes, wires and sheaves are not only fast but they make the work easier and faster for the projection of work.

Working in construction sites has always been considered as hazardous, Thanks to the innovation and technological development that working on these site with the help of machines have eased the life of labors.

Cranes being an important part of lifting mechanism and plays an important role in the overall project. .Cranes help in moving materials in different directions and locations.

These days with advancement in technology cranes use hydraulic systems, electric motors and internal combustion engines with improved capabilities for its users. Different types of cranes can be hired as per need. From a small Jib Crane to work inside a workshop to tower cranes to construct high buildings and mini cranes to reach difficult spaces during construction, never the less floating cranes for harbors and ships.

Cranes are not only important for construction industry; loading and unloading, moving heavy materials but also cranes are now important equipment used in different sectors like, agriculture, mining, forestry, marine, civil aviation, defense and more..

Contactors, engineers and project managers in different cities of Pakistan hire Aayag to be their partner during construction projects. Akber Ali & Sons is a renowned name in Pakistan not only as dealers of different types of Cranes for different purposes, but also many heavy equipment’s road and construction machineries. An additional feature of aayag.com is their after sale services and training that has set a landmark in this sector.

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Cranes and lifting machines with Akber Ali & Sons

new fb cover


A crane is a lifting machine that principally works with the use of pulleys and cables. For the construction industry, cranes are valuable assets because they make working with heavy machinery and construction materials easy.

The invention of these innovative cranes made things and overall life easy for us because without them, loading, unloading, and lifting had to be done by humans manually, would consume more time, and the entire system lacked efficiency. The ancient Greeks invented the first construction crane hundreds of years ago. Modern day construction cranes are huge, taking up tons of material hundreds of meters in height. For high end infrastructure projects, tower cranes are used that have a reach as high as 800 meters.

Construction Cranes uses the pulley and cable system to create a mechanical advantage so that large loads can be lifted. The two most important criteria in crane design are lifting capacity and stability. Winders, cables, ropes, chains, and a basic level-pulley system are essential parts of any type of crane. The lever and other simple machines makes work easier by decreasing the amount of force required to accomplish lifting and moving tasks.

Levers manipulate the torque involved and enable construction engineers to lift heavy loads. A pulley serves its basic purpose, which is to distribute the amount of weight needed to lift an object. Inclusion of electronic components has made cranes even easier to operate because the control remains no more manual. A hi-tech crane will essentially be a combination of simpler systems integrated together.

Different Types of Cranes are available in Pakistan and Akber Ali& Sons still being the largest supplier of all these diversified equipment throughout the region. From Tower crane to vehicle mounted crane, Rough Terrain Crane to Crawler Crane, Aerial Cranes and more such innovative equipment are available with aayag.com, with ease of after sale services and spare parts availability on the right time.

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Functioning of a Tower Crane


Tower cranes plays an important role for any major construction site. Its usability can’t be denied. They often rise hundreds of feet into the air, and can reach out just as far. They are valued for its importance during construction is of great importance; as the construction crew uses the tower crane to lift steel, concrete, large tools like acetylene torches and generators, and a wide variety of other building materials.

When we look at one of these cranes, what it can do seems nearly impossible but with its working scenario it does wonders where labor and normal machine cannot reach, saving time energy and cost above all for the task to be accomplished. An innovative crane that can easily tip over and its weighing and lifting capacity leaves us speechless. Its ability to grow taller as the building grows taller is the real requirement of today’s construction sites.

All tower cranes consist of the same basic parts. The base is bolted to a large concrete pad that supports the crane. The base connects to the mast (ortower), which gives the tower crane its height. Attached to the top of the mast is the slewing unit; the gear and motor — that allows the crane to rotate

On top of the slewing unit there are three parts, The long horizontal jib (or working arm), which is the portion of the crane that carries the load. A trolley runs along the jib to move the load in and out from the crane’s center. The shorter horizontal machinery arm, which contains the crane’s motors and electronics as well as the large concrete counter weights

The machinery arm contains the motor that lifts the load, along with the control electronics that drive it and the cable drum. The motors that drive the slewing unit are located above the unit’s large gear

All these operations are carried by an expert operator who is sitting in the operator’s hub or cabin.

Akber Ali & Sons, a leading name in the construction sector, supplier of all kinds of construction equipment and machines.

Potain Tower Cranes @ www.aayag.com is one of the known brands famous in many sectors for its quality and performance.

Different other cranes are also available with Akber Ali & Sons; like Vehicle Mounted Cranes, Tower Crane, Rough Terrain Crane, Crawler Crane, Knuckle Boom Cranes Aerial Cranes, Floating cranes and more.


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