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Construction boom using State of Art Technology

Much of construction work is going on in Pakistan recently, Akbar Ali and Sons is one of the best company which deals with material handling and lifting solutions, it has modern and latest machineries and vehicles to do the job. The company provides customers best product and services available, it has a team of well trained, skilled and qualified experts to handle the huge work. Their benchmark lies in state of the art technology, best product quality, efficient After Sales Service, easy access, timely deliveries of spare parts and expert technical consultancy.

A&S provides complete material handling solutions, whether the constructor wants to add few bricks or floors to the building construct a huge factory or build a new house there is a whole range of equipments to do the job. The company has huge cranes like Manitowoc potain tower crane, JLG aerial work platforms which can do big works and reach to great heights to build huge buildings and sky scrapers. They offer ample facilities to the clients including 3S facilities, sound availability of spare parts, operational trainings, workshop facilities, annual maintenance contacts and warranty coverage. A&S understands the needs and requirements unique to the client’s business.

Considering the past few years of the company it has successfully provided cranes, platforms and huge machines which have all worked in constructing a few most important turnkey projects in Pakistan. Pal finger is a kind of a crane which is used in industrial work, they are used to lift, load and handle hydraulic stuff at many intervals of the transport chain. They work in areas of knuckle boom loading cranes, container handling systems, forestry and recycling cranes, marine and offshore cranes, tail-lifts, and railway system solutions, container transfer systems, lifting platforms, bridge inspection equipment, farm cranes, telescopic cranes as well as attachments and equipment for increasing crane efficiency. Hence it is a very useful machine to handle equipment in the huge industry.

A&S has a team of expert which aids clients at every step from purchase of equipments to its utilisation. The staff will provide accurate guidance and genuine after sale parts. All the correct information of the machine and its utilization is provided; this will ensure that the customer will only pay attention on its core competencies. Every purchaser will feel confident and assured that he has chosen right material handling solutions for his operation. Choose Akbar Ali and Son’s state of art technological machines and equipments to construct more projects and get 100% efficient results on the site.


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Akbar Ali &Sons; Availability of Spare Parts

Akbar Ali & Sons has been in the material handling and lifting solutions business since long, they have earned great name and respect due to their image and the customer care they provide. Many companies believe in one time delivery only but their scope is far ahead from that. Aayag has a talented team who looks after the customers even after their purchase, this has build commitment and confidence for the customers and it keeps them on heights when compared with competitors.

Aayag has an individual after sales department who takes care of after sales services, the rapid delivery of spare parts as per customer instructions and expert machine servicing. Customer care and satisfaction is the lifeblood of their business, and so they treat the customers in that manner. May it be spare parts of any of their product like the Palfinger crane or Manitowoc; the huge mobile crane, they are all available and reached on time to the required place within 72 hours. A&S has a qualified and efficiently trained maintenance personnel and on-site spare inventory to look after the downtime disruptions in production which directly affect the bottom line and try to minimize or avoid it depending on the circumstances.

The spare parts of A&S are stocked by the spare part department all the time to ensure speedy delivery. They have the stock for all branded products available including Cranes, Tele-Handlers, Forklifts, Road Compaction Machines, Concrete Pumps, Earth Moving Equipment, Aerial Equipment’s or any other machinery. These all spare parts are genuine and guarantee safety, proper operation, consistency and long life of the machines.

Every machine has a life and one day or the other it will require maintenance or change, A&S has spare inventory stock at all times which minimize unplanned downtime to few hours or days. At the time of the purchase the company make certain that spare parts for that particular item are available. A&S not only provides spare parts but their cost is also affordable to buy.

Material handling and lifting solutions does not only need to be delivered but also proper supply of spare parts is important. The mixture of both reduces the downtime of work and helps in maintaining the level of performance of A&S products on site. Therefore when searching for material handling and lifting products go to and know about the latest solutions.

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A&S-Aiming High with Manitowoc

Akbar Ali & Sons, dedicated to bringing to Pakistan the most progressive and superior material handling and lifting products, deals in Manitowoc—a leading name in providing the most innovative, advanced and comprehensive range of lifting solutions, with products that have long set the standard for excellence worldwide: Grove mobile telescoping cranes, Manitowoc lattice boom crawler cranes, Potain tower cranes, National Crane boom trucks and Shuttlelift industrial cranes.

To meet varied and highly specific needs, Manitowoc is structured to fully meet the region- and task-specific needs of a diverse clientele. Each Manitowoc product has been designed with features that meet the requirements of differing regions, including Pakistan, following international transportation regulations, operational simplicity and efficient performance in even the most challenging environments.

Manitowoc cranes, brought to Pakistan by A&S, are renowned for reliability, return on investment and industry-leading performance. The Grove line of mobile telescopic cranes ranges in capacity from 8 t – 450 t with patented technologies like the MEGATRAK suspension system, the TWINLOCK boom pinning system and the MEGAFORM boom design.

Grove’s extraordinary range includes Grove all-terrain, rough-terrain and truck-mounted cranes, as well as Shuttlelift and Yardboss industrial cranes.

Manitowoc Cranes began producing lattice boom crawler cranes in 1925 spearheading the industry in sales, innovation, performance and support. Manitowoc offers 18 models with capacities ranging from 73 t to 2 300 t. With its indepth knowledge of the construction industry, Manitowoc’s RINGER and MAX-ER attachments, enhance crane capacity and versatility.

National Crane offers 14 models of stand-up control telescoping cranes with maximum vertical reach from 56 ft to 167 ft. Swing seat cranes feature the comfort and convenience of an enclosed operator’s cab. National Crane offers 7 models with maximum vertical reach from 163 ft. to 207 ft.

Log onto to view our most au courant and trendsetting range of  lifting and handling products. Once you have experienced the unique and compassionate after-sales service  at Akbar Ali & Sons, you will look no further for all your lifting and handling needs.

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Unique and Latest Material handling and Lifting Solutions

Advancements in technology due to the latest studies and research is bringing new and innovative material handling and lifting solutions in the market. Many machines and vehicles have been designed to do huge jobs compared to olden days when Egyptians build huge pyramid structures with their own hands; Akbar Ali and Sons is one such company in the run which provides its customers premium quality of handling and lifting solutions. It has all equipped machines appropriate to do the desired work. A&S is well informed of the current needs of its customers and all its models of material handling and lifting solutions are exclusive in quality.

There are various models of Cranes, Tele-Handlers, Forklifts, Road Compaction Machines, Concrete Pumps, Earth Moving Equipment, Aerial Equipment’s etc available which are used at different works in handling huge materials and lifting them. Ammann Compactor is a new model available; it is an intelligent compaction system at work. While Merlo is a multipurpose machine and can be used to handle various objects. Rioned are huge trucks which are suction and jetting machines used for various purposes. Grove mobile cranes are available, it is the world’s leading producer of mobile hydraulic crane; Manitowol, these are huge cranes which can carry a huge amount of load at work. Rotair is the portable compressor of air and other accessories. Palfinger is a telescopic knuckle or a boom crane. JLG is an aerial platform used mostly at construction sites to carry people. These all are worthwhile and necessary in handling materials and in lifting them.

A&S is a growing company and in order to maintain its position n the business it continuously strives to be the best with the best solution available not only in Pakistan but worldwide. It stays well aware of the latest innovations going on globally and brings it in its products. The team is well trained and aware of the modifications needed and provides its customers the best solution available. Its products are all of finest technologies globally and it supplies pioneer solutions to gain confidence in the eyes of its customers. It deals in areas of transportation, construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, warehousing, lifting, infrastructure, excavation, recycling, mining, shipping, and maintenance needs.

A&S runs on European principals and has established a popular brand name in the business. It has made partnerships with many leading brands of cranes and lifting solutions globally, and chooses the best solution available. Firstly it meets with the customers and tries to understand its need then it provides its product which is best for use in the situation. It also gives a guarantee of the spare parts and after sales support. Its dedicated team with expert technicians caters to the customer needs. In order to know more about A&S go to and browse through some finest products available for handling and lifting solution.

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Aayag Handles Merlo in Pakistan

 From humble beginnings in Italy in 1912 in a family blacksmith shop, Merlo has gone on to become a leading name in the design and production of telescopic handlers. It was in  1964 that Amilcare Merlo moved began to produce mobile construction equipment like dumpers and self-loading concrete mixers. A small mobile crane and the first Merlo rough terrain forklifts, with 4 wheel drive/steer axles, followed in 1970.

In 1982 came the first Merlo telehandler, the SM series. This era also saw the Merlo drive/steer axles featuring the unique Merlo sideshift mechanism and a very innovative boom configuration which produced an element of true vertical lift. This machinery is in use worldwide even today which is living proof of its timeless durability and ruggedness.

Merlo pioneered the world’s first side-engined telescopic handler in 1986 providing the operator full 360 degree Panoramic vision. Its trendsetting  Hydrostatic transmission helped to make this new machine the most compact and manoeuvrable telehandler in the world. 1987 saw Merlo taking the world by storm when it announced a full range of XS Panoramic machines. Now, users could have a full range from 7m – 13m lift height accompanied with hydrostatic drive and disappearing boom.


In 1990 Merlo presented the first rotary telehandler, the Roto 27.11. which went onto give traditional handlers a run for their money. Merlo went onto create a brand new farm handler in 1994 – the P27.7 resplendent with a fixed front axle and a 40 kph hydrostatic drive telehandler with unbelievable visibility!

The 90’s also saw innovations in both Panoramic and Roto machines and the advent of the EVS design cab and the Ring of Steel– one of the most popular features of Merlo machines. In 1996 the Compact series was launched.

The new millennium brought with it the Multifarmer-an unbeatable  combination of tractor and telehandler as well as the world’s first 10 tonne capacity telehandler, the P101.10.

 Caring about environmental well-being is one of the principles which underlie every reliable entrepreneurial activity and distinguish first-rate manufacturers from the rest. Larger-sized Merlo telehandlers have now been equipped with the innovative EcoPowerDrive system, which reduces fuel consumption by over 20% thus contributing to a greener world.

Merlo’s presence adds value to all parts of the globe. In Pakistan, AKBERALI & SONS (A&S)–a company providing its customers state of the art material handling and lifting solutions– brings the  advanced, innovative and practical technology of Merlo to you. Become a part of the coterie of confident Merlo clients worldwide and experience exceptional performance every time.

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Our Services

At A&S we firmly believe that the credit of selling the very first equipment goes to the Marketing Department while the 2nd sale is attributed to the endeavors of the Service and Spare Parts Department. We do not merely sell a machine; we at the same time are committed to our customers to provide them state of the art technology, best product quality, efficient After Sales Service, easy access and timely deliveries of spare parts and expert technical consultancy. Our service department stands second to none and this is what sets us apart from the competition.

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