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Rioned; The best Jetting and Suction Solution

Akbar Ali and Sons is a well known name in the business of material handling and lifting solutions, Rioned is one of its specialized products, it is very useful and designed with expertise to be used for city streets, it is functional for cleaning and maintaining the sewerage and drainage systems and for the collection and transport of waste. Rioned has a huge carrying capacity, large vacuum pump and speedy suction pipes. The water tanks are all corrosion proof and have hinged back doors; they are divided into two compartments one for fresh water and other for waste water and the customer as per requirement can get it with or without the bulkhead.

Rioned is a leading brand in many countries especially European nations; it is manufactured keeping in mind the demand of the market and the customers. They are the high pressure suction and jetting machines equipped with strong and reliable diesel engines or are driven by the PTO systems. All the control buttons are marked for operations with labels, the hose reel are strong enough to withstand the hydraulic high pressure and have speed regulation control in them, for safety reasons or to increase its usefulness they can be pivoted at 180ยบ. The high pressure pumps are made of ceramic nozzles which increase their life and minimize the maintenance cost.

A&S has four product categories under Rioned; combination machine, spring machine, high pressure jetting machine and high pressure suction machine. Combination machine are compact suction machines which are a latest notion, they are available in different pressures and have various flow capacities. These machines are designed for cities and parking areas where there is less space available and trucks or huge vehicles cannot enter easily. As these combination machines are light weighted they can transport huge amount of liquid from one place to other and when there is a perfect working height reached the control box in the machine will move with the hose reel to indicate it.

Rioned Spring machines are other type of suction and jetting machines, they are available in extensive range of diameters of operation and springs. The machine has a variety of accessories for each function, its electric motor is very strong and there is an automatic unit on it which controls the back and forth movement of the spring without the involvement of any person making it more secure and clean. The spring used is of high quality and reliable and is all coiled in a closed drum, it is maintenance and user friendly and can be washed easily. Therefore it a very useful and competent unit to suction and jet liquids.

The high pressure Jetting machines of Rioned are Aqua Jet, City Jet, HD30, HD 50, Mini Jet, Multi Jet, Profi Jet and Profi Jet HWS. These all machines are very reliable and have strong pumps to withstand the high hydraulic pressures of sewerage and fresh water. Rioned high pressure suction machines are all strong and use PTO systems. Both jetting and suction machines have huge storage capacity, their tanks have manhole, overflow pipe, return pipe and sight glass. All frames are coated to maintain strength and for prevention of corrosion. Added to this the customer can get these machines with options such as radio remote control, run dry protection, water level control and riopulsepulsator system.

A&S is a range of products under the handling and lifting solutions, Rioned has perfect suction and jetting machines and all are reliable and of good quality.


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