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A&S-Raising Pakistan to New Heights with JLG

AKBERALI & SONS (A&S) brings to Pakistan and its progressive infrastructure JLG products–the world’s leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of access equipment.

An Oshkosh Corporation Company [NYSE: OSK] since 1969, JLG provides access equipment for a wide variety of industries and applications including agriculture, industrial, heavy construction, aviation, entertainment, military, institutional and warehousing.

JLG’s technologically advanced, dependable and globally recognized products include a full line of aerial work platformstelehandlersstock pickersmast booms, trailers, and equipment accessories to meet a developing nation’s every need.

At A&SJLG work platforms and boom lifts get you anywhere from 10 feet to 150 feet with an array of over 50 models of boom liftsscissor liftsmast booms, and vertical mast lifts. JLG’s factory-designed accessories make the most wearisome tasks not only easily doable, but efficient and productive.

JLG Industries, Inc. offers three brands of commercial telehandlers. JLG®, ®SkyTrak and Lull® telehandler brands which feature all-wheel steering, including two-wheel, fourwheel circle, and four-wheel crab to meet an assortment of maneuverability requirements.

JLG’s stock pickers, available at A&S, are designed to help you improve efficiency, reach, and safety while performing stock picking, general maintenance, or other repetitive tasks. Its push-around models boast of large platforms, 500 lb capacities, and working heights of up to 21 ft without the need for outriggers. JLG also offers mobile models that can be driven at full platform height and configured to your specific and unique stockpicking requirements.

Save time and money when you opt for JLG’s Triple-L drop deck trailers which let you load equipment at ground level without the need for cumbersome ramps or tilt beds without compromising on operator safety during the loading process. JLG’s exclusive Power Deck® system lowers the entire deck of the trailer to the ground, which translates into faster and more efficient loading of everything from construction equipment to vending machines and supplies.

Triple-L trailers are available in utility or flatbed configurations with capacities ranging from 2,200 to 10,000 lbs.

JLG’s latest execution–The LiftPod® aerial work platform features an enclosed carriage and secure platform that can help keep you stable till a height of 14 feet, providing a 360-degree range of motion giving you the liberty to use both hands to get the job done.

At AKBARALI & SONS the expansive range of exceptional JLG products is a onestop-solution to all your access equipment needs. Log onto and view our impressive array of handling paraphernalia along with a timely provision of spare parts and after-sales service.


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AAYAG and ROTAIR-An Unbeatable Association

The ROTAIR story begins in the 1940’s when Italy was coming out of World War II. To rebuild the city after the destruction and havoc the War had caused, Mario Musso, a skilled mechanic and inventor designed a petrol operated 6 CV engine which could be coupled with cement mixers and goods-lifts to make the process of rebuilding the country faster.

Soon all cement mixers and hoist lifts were working with the Musso engine. This was the just the beginning of Musso’s success. In 1961 Musso joined hands with Giovanni Donadio and the two went onto create a company with a plant in Caraglio. The compressors built here were a resounding national success. In the late 70’s and 80’s ROTAIR’s presence became known in the rest of Europe and remains well-known till date.

In 1980 ROTAIR SPA-as we know it today-came into being and with it came the screw compressor. Equipped with Lombardini and Deutz engines, ROTAIR screws continue to be renowned for excellent output and reliability.

The late 80’s saw ROTAIR manufacture the extraordinary range of hydraulic breakers and with the late 90’s came the RAMPICAR minitransporter range which enhanced the building products range and opened avenues into agriculture, forestall and viticulture.

With over half a century of excellence and innovation in products for civil engineering and industry in 69 countries, ROTAIR makes its presence known in Pakistan with AKBAR ALI & SONS which continues to provide high-level performance coupled with remarkable after-sales service on all ROTAIR products.

View ROTAIR’s range of Portable Compressors, equipped with the exclusive ROTAIR SCREW SET at A&SROTAIR’s moto-compressors are conspicuous for reliability, performances and low operational costs.

ROTAIR’s Minitransporters at A&S are compact working machines indispensable for material transport and handling. It boasts of more than 10 models used in restructuring, building, servicing, agriculture, gardening, viticulture and forestry.

A&S stocks ROTAIR’s Hammers–a breaker range of professional medium-light demolishers equipped with antireactive device on the grip, complying with existing directives. Ideal for demolition in civil works, they guarantee high performance and ease in use due to their ergonomic design and low noise levels.

Simply log onto AAYAG and choose from the most superior array of lifting and handling products brought to you with original spare parts and compassionate after-sales service in Pakistan.

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Avoiding Risk at Construction Sites

It is commonly said that the beauty of any building rest not only on its looks but on its foundation; the stronger the foundation the stronger is the building. Huge buildings stand on strong pillars and the strength depends on the construction material used during the building process. Aayag has best products and services for any construction site; may it be a bungalow, flat or any huge and tall building. It is the manufacturer of leading material handling and lifting solutions, it has huge cranes like Manitowoc and drum rollers like Amman to work in construction sites. For Aayag team of experts and professional men, no project is big or small whether few pallets have to be put into position or entire shopping mall has to be constructed the team is always there to help.

Safety is very important concern at any work place; during construction huge material and load is transferred from one place to another, cranes are used to shift and lift materials and bulldozers and drum rollers are there to smooth the surface and level it, this all can be dangerous if important precautions are not followed. Before the construction starts it is always instructed to go and walk through the site o identify if there are any workplace hazards. If found they should be directly informed to the authorities. All the construction workers should be properly trained to work on site and use proper lifting methods to shift material from one place to another. Aayag products including cranesArial platforms, compressors etc all come with instruction manuals which have to be followed at all times while operating the material handling and lifting equipments.

While inspecting the construction site the workers and the concerned people have to identify if there is any hazardous material used. Post precautions have to be taken to properly store those materials and record them separately. Before the use of equipments, workers should inspect that is it working properly or not, whether the noise is okay and is it giving any jerky movements or unusual bumps while operating if so it has to be immediately complaint to the authorities. While working on roofs or scaffolds safety equipments have to worn to minimize risk and protective equipments like hard hats, safety goggles, boots, work goggles, ear plugs and face marks have to be given to all workers. This will minimize the risk and dangers at work place and workers will be more productive while working in safe environment.

Beforehand there should always be preparations for any emergency if mishap occurs like injuries due to electrical, mechanical or power failures. The public should be kept away from the site during the working hours and all the points of entry should remain closed. Aayag guarantees safety of its material handling and lifting solutions and instructs to strongly follow all tips and guides regarding them. In order to get Aayag world class material handling and lifting equipments go to and order from amongst their cranesArial platformsdrum rollerstelehandlerscompactors and compressors.

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JLG Aerial Platforms A Name you can Trust

Akbar Ali and Sons is a renowned name in the business of material handling and lifting solutions; it provides one of the best machines and equipments for the work which are all from well known companies including ManitowocMerloJLGRionedPalfinger etc. These all latest machineries aid in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations at construction site. JLG Aerial platforms are used for different works; these are mobile elevating devices which are used to transport people and goods at varying heights. They are usually needed for maintenance and construction work or by the fire-fighters at emergency places. JLG has a huge variety of these aerial platforms, it has more than 50 types of boom liftsscissor liftsmast booms and vertical mast lifts which are used for different works.

Scissor Lift is like a crisscross support for the materials and people, it is a completely open lift which can move to higher heights and the overhead place can be accessed directly. They are designed to work in all the areas from smooth surfaces to rough terrains and are of varying sizes to fit different places. Aayag has the aerial platform model you need which enhances work productivity. It has electrical powered scissor lift having a long run time and lower service scheduled requirements. Engine powered scissor lift is another type of aerial platform which is ideal for places with more workspace and a need for greater lifting capacity.

Boom lifts are energy efficient aerial work platforms which have a long runtime and are very helpful at workplace. They are used not only to go up but also to move over the immovable obstacles. These platforms are used at maintenance, construction and repair sites generally. Types of boom lifts include electric boom liftsengine powered boom liftsmast boom liftstowable boom lifts and compact crawler booms. From electrical to engine powered and from mast to towable boom lifts, they all are worthwhile equipments by A&S at work. A&S is the name you can trust.

Vertical mast lifts are aerial platforms with vertical structure which supports the platform. It is for single person and for two workers to raise to heights. They are usually available with manual push buttons to operate easily and these can travel to different workplaces easily even through doors as they fold up after work. It is useful in assembly lines, duct works or in making partitions and the work can be done without interference. It also has an electric drill and its non marking tires are of thick rubber and very efficient.

Before using these aerial platforms A&S ensure its customer safety and instructs the users that before the operation of the machinery they have to carefully read the manual and follow all the instructions given, maintain a maintenance manual and ensure that all safety tips are understood and never to override the mechanical hydraulic or electrical safety devices. It is always instructed not to exceed the operating limits specified by the manual, and during the functioning of the machine one should know the power lines and watch the obstacles on the ground and be sure to use the ground spotters. Aerial lift platforms by A&S are reliable and efficient, in order to get it go to and look at their list of product and services.

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