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Manitowoc and Palfinger cranes are an efficient solution at construction site

Lots of operations go on at the same time on the construction site while building a huge commercial project; cranes are lifting tons of steel, trucks are busy transporting sand and blocks, workers are carrying bags and materials and stacking drums, barrels, kegs, lumber and loose bricks while few are raised up in the air on aerial platforms and working…. etc. This all requires efficient material handling and lifting equipments which could aid in their work and make it fast and effective and also safe for the workers to work with. Akbar Ali & Sons is a solution to all material handling and lifting solutions; it provides best equipments and machines for work.

At the construction site there is a continuous need for raw materials and various parts if anything is not handled or stored properly it can cause costly injuries to both work force and material. To minimize accidents it is always advised that workforce is properly trained and knows how to work with material handling and lifting equipments like Manitowoc’s huge cranesMerlo telehandlers and Amman compactorsPalFinger Boom crane and Manitowoc cranes come with specification and guides and workers before using these cranes should read the manuals. Only those who are competent should be allowed to drive these cranes at the construction site, the weight they can handle and the type of material they can handle comes all in efficiency of training.

The Manitowoc and Palfinger cranes have a boom angle indicator; they have scales to determine the boom length. Their capacity to find out the boom length differs and so the radius is different for all angles. The workers have to be careful that the cranes are not overloaded otherwise serious problems and accidents can occur at the construction site. Manitowoc has both mobile and portain tower cranes, so they can be used as needed. They are the world’s number one cranes popular for their strength and efficiency at work. The workers have to ensure that the chains and the ropes of these cranes don’t have kinks and bends and the load should not be tied to them but fixed with them by hook. It should be evenly balanced from all sides.

All material handling and lifting equipments have to be inspected daily and if there is any problem or maladjustment, leakage, damage etc with any part they must be reported immediately and cured. These are huge machines and to operate it properly there is a need for continuous improvement. Workers health and well being is also a vital part of making any project successful, the work place including the design and function of workstations, controls, displays, safety devices, tools, and lighting should be good and should fit all workers. This will have a huge impact on the effectiveness of work and the results. It is also important to determine what type of material is being used like if the material is flammable or combustible it has to be stored at special places where there is no smoking and no open flame. Likewise this continues for other objects.

To know more about material handling and lifting solutions and huge cranes like Manitowoc and Palfinger go to and make your work easy at the time of constructions going on.


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Is the glass half full or half empty?

The famous saying “Is the glass half full or half empty” has been very common in different situations. Glass half full and half empty defines the person’s perspective to look at positive and negative thoughts or in other words it is used for pessimist or optimistic people. We at Akbar Ali and Sons have always believed that our glasses are half full as we know that our products and services are always up to the marks and satisfy customers, they have always proved to be efficient at work place. Aayag is one of the best manufacturers of material handling and lifting solutions and have always emphasized on quality, product, after sales services and spare parts.

Aayag under the license from great brands is gradually becoming the pioneer in the business. Often in the companies who are not able to manage different operations successfully and are ineffective to cope up in the market say that their glass is half empty. They discuss many questions in the board of director meeting and then organize a committee to research the problems and assign task for root cause analysis but they miss out giving the complete description of the problem to those assigned the task. The problem mainly comes here when the director thinks that the problem is above the pay grade of those who are assigned root cause analysis tasks. Say a crane or a fork lifter is continuously causing some trouble Aayag always believes in repairing it and exchange old parts with new ones as earliest as possible so that there is no delay in onsite work.

Aayag has a trained workforce which are all confident and effective in their work, they have proved that its functioning is smooth and if previous history is considered the glass is half full even in time of work wise pressure months and customers have always returned back satisfied with the products and services. Even in situations where Aayag got complaints, they have always resolved it at earliest as possible till our products including giant cranesaerial platformstelehandlerscompressors etc are under the warranty. All spare parts are readily available to be delivered to required places as earliest as possible. Anyone can purchase Aayag products with full confidence and surety.

The strengths at Aayag have always kept their glasses half full; they have maintained professional and long term business relationships with their clients mutually understand their needs and deliver as per their requirements. The team is well trained and qualified to do their respective jobs and everyone cooperates with each other at work. Aayag have always discouraged conflict within workforce and with customers and shows empathy towards concerned people. All the selling terms and agreements are signed and explained clearly before the process proceeds and much more.

Our history, customers and services has made us optimistic and we are sure that in coming times we will be providing even better products, services, after sales services, spare parts and much more to people related to Aayag. To join with Aayag log on to and find all material handling and lifting solutions available with us. As said that a pessimist will see the difficulty in every opportunity and an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty; believe in it and then like Aayag you will also believe that the glass is half full and not half empty.

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Future of Building; Manitowoc Cranes

If someone wants to look at the future of building, one can observe the huge buildings and projects which have been developed successfully within a short span of time using huge portain tower cranesManitowoc’s huge cranes are an answer to modern construction. They are able to lift huge and heavy metal structures and transport them to heights within some time which aids in speedy and effective construction. Akbar Ali & Sons (A&S) are the manufacturers of this huge crane under the license; they have been successful in the previous years and have always satisfied customers with their products and services.

If we see the construction of a huge five star hotel or an enormous shopping mall, the portain tower cranes and portain self electing cranes can do the job providing more security at work place and much faster. All the cranes will aid in material handling and lifting works as one by one every floor is build and then in painting and furnishing it. Hence years work can be completed in months now. Another advantage of these Manitowoc crane is that they are compact and need less space to fit in. If construction is done at a place with a limited space say near the site there are restaurants, office buildings and lakes and there is much less space for huge equipments to fix in, portain cranes are compact and they can come in less space and provide more security at work place while handling huge weights and transporting it to other areas.

Portain tower crane’s by Aayag speed up the development programs in the country, they can be used in high raised multi story buildings and skyscrapers; for maintenance and for building it. They increase efficiency and productivity at work place. At workplace these cranes are often seen placing steel bars, doing light formwork and pouring the concrete. The Self erecting cranes are compact and can be easily transported, installed, erected and dismantled at work place, they are usually used for short term construction projects or in the areas where there is limited equipment access. It includes Igo, Igo MA, Igo T, HD and HDT ranges. The Top slewing tower cranes are available in six ranges; MDT and MCT Topless cranes, Topkit MD and Maxi MD models, Maxi Topkit cranes, and MR luffing jib cranes. These are huge cranes used for varying works.

Apart from constructing huge buildings, cranes are also used in construction of bridges, canals and dams. Cranes are useful as they reduce the siting cost, they are easy to mobilise and can move to different places, they only require an hour or so to start working again. Their operation is environmentally friendly as they work cleanly and quietly. They are able to pick up and deliver materials at the exact places where needed and without hassle or insecurity of dropping material in the middle. This result in minimum manual handling of material and thus an improved health and safety environment is created. The vehicular movement is minimized on the site as crane is huge enough to move and turn to different angles and do the job. Once a crane is purchased it can work 24/7 without any additional cost, and it shortened build programs. They eliminate the site reinstatement cost and reduce the material handling cost as compared to other material handling solutions. As the crane only operates from one place the excess places can be utilised for other jobs.

To order the Manitowoc Crane log on to Aayag website and get all the information about these great material handling and lifting solutions from one place.

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MERLO; One Name fit for many Works

Different types of machines are for different purposes at work place, MERLO Telehandlers are the multipurpose telehandlers by Akbar Ali & Sons which are used for many works. It is an efficient and a safe machine which is considered to be a fork truck or a crane. But if we compare a fork lift and a telehandler, a telehandler has more capabilities and is more useful. A&S is the manufacturer and the supplier of Merlo Telehandlers, which are renowned and one of the best one around the globe. These are fit for use in confined places and have a very powerful engine which enables them to pick up heavy loads easily and carry it efficiently to desired locations. It is designed in the fashion that the minor damages caused at the work place can be avoided as the hydraulic and the electrical systems are well protected in the inside chamber.

telehandler is a multipurpose machine and can carry different loads; it uses attachments like lift tables, pallet forks, buckets and muck grabs etc to hold various objects. It comes with foldable roll bar and driver’s seat to ensure safety. Roll bar can be quickly folded and then the telehandler can in no time pass through low passage heights. The telehandler also has a roof to protect the driver against rain, sun and falling objects at work place. It has a multifunction lever which keeps everything under control. The driver can operate all the functions with one hand which makes it easy for him and hassle free and he can keep his one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand on the functional buttons.

Merlo telehandler is designed in a manner to ensure safety of the driver or equipments and objects at work place. They have provided standard safety measure for its use which excludes the risk of electric shocks and avoids hazards and accidents. One of the strengths of this machine is its multitude of uses in different areas and its free movement at different places. As compared to conventional forkliftstelehandlers can reach to more places due to its design and can be positioned at different angles and can change angles even on solid grounds and with heavy weights.

Other useful machines by Merlo include Panaromic; it is a very functional unit which is compact, precise and versatile in use. It is also used to lift heavy objects and is a modern form of weight lifter. Turbofarmer is another efficient handler by Merlo which has a compact design and an excellent power level. It can be used at farms and agricultural sites and has a huge capacity to lift different heavy objects. Farmers and other workers can easily use it for different purposes. Multifarmer is also a revolutionized invention available with aayag, it has a telescopic boom and is very efficient at work place. It has more functions than a traditional farm tractor and it can handle more materials and loads. Roto is a telehandler which can work on high altitudes and is a very safe machine to use. It is a combination of telescopic handler, light and versatile lifting system and aerial work platform. Hence three functions one machine.

Here is your A&S material handling and lifting equipments available at your work site, to buy it from us if you want a versatile piece of a Merlo fit for many jobs go to and read about the full details of the thing. The buying process is very simple and hassle free and within a few days you can get the machine and start using it. In addition the attachments which are available with it add more job flexibility to it and improve the overall efficiency and productivity.

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