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Temporary Access Aerial Platforms to carry Varying Loads at different Heights

Quality equipments are everywhere but the difference between the good one and the most awesome and excellent one is the productivity and efficiency it can show. One such brand name established in the industry of material handling and lifting solutions is the JLG. JLG Aerial platforms are available from Akbar Ali & Sons, there is a wide range of these platforms which are used for multiple purposes.

JLG aerial platforms are mostly found at construction and maintenance work places used for temporary, flexible access purposes, fire-fighters usually use it for emergency entrance. One difference between the elevator and the aerial platform is that they are not permanent access equipments and can easily travel to different places where needed. JLG aerial platforms are different from cranes as the amount of load they can carry is limited. Aerial platforms are usually used to carry people to work on heights or carry frames for window glass and one person can easily operate the aerial platform.

Akbar Ali & Sons has all varieties of JLG aerial platforms including aerial work platforms/ boom lifts, personal portable lifts, stock pickers and drop deck trailers. The aerial work platforms/ boom lifts have many different models of boom lifts, scissor lifts, mast booms, and vertical mast lifts. All of these have proved to be much effective at work place. With the help of boom lifts and electrical boom lifts any one can reach to heights and do their work, it makes the work easy without any huge sound or loud engines noise. The engine powered boom lifts from Akbar Ali & Sons will help people reach to heights quickly and efficiently. The maintenance of these electrical boom lifts is easy and they offer great heights. high capacity and are flexible at work place.

What can we do if we want to travel through narrow passages like assembly lines, shelving, duct work or partition? Mast boom lifts is the solution, they have a 360 degree rotating mast which helps them fit in various passages and do the work. In places where there is no flat bed towable boom lifts can go, they are easy to be transported and has inbuilt hydraulic systems which makes it function quickly. These lifts can be used at various places and fulfil various functions. The compact crawler boom is another aerial working platform which has tracked wheel carriage which can climb different steps and pass through narrow passages easily. Scissor lifts and electrical scissor lifts are another productive aerial platform at work.

The drop deck trailers available from Akbar Ali & Sons include utility trailers, flatbed trailers and enclosed/ boxed trailers. They aid in loading purposes and can easily load material at ground level and reach to different places. The personal portable lifts are very safe and can transport people and material safely to different heights. The stock pickers include drivable vertical mast lifts and push around vertical mast lifts. These all aerial work platforms are productive and efficient at work place. To know more about it or to get one now contact Akbar Ali & Sons to get your work done.


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AMMAN An effective solution for productivity at work

In past years horse drawn rollers were used to work on the ground, as time passed by horses were gradually replaced by steam rollers. These single cylinder steam rollers were used for base compaction and promoted bounce and vibration by rolling it in the same way as the vibrating rollers. For many people used it and gradually it advanced and modernized steam rollers were replaced by kerosene, gasoline and diesel powered rollers. Up till today when AMMAN manufactured few of the best and convenient models.

Road rollers are essential at work places for a variety of jobs, Akbar Ali & Sons is the dealer of the world famous AMMAN Compactors, road pavers and asphalt mixing plants. Road rollers play an essential part at construction sites especially while forming load bearing foundations for the subsequent layers. Aayag firmly believes that there has to be no compromise on the quality of its drum rollers and hence AMMAN is an accepted brand chosen which has a range of great quality rollers and compactors. All of the models are fit to work in different situations and on different lands.

AMMAN compactors, road pavers and asphalt mixing plants produce best quality results. Aayag makes sure that they are all developed best and its team of expert people are there to inspect the model at every step to improve its efficiency and productivity. AMMAN models are manufactured on innovative compaction technology, show optimum productivity at work, have low running cost and are effective solutions for every application. Hence AMMAN is the best. Consuming less fuel AMMAN rollers work effectively with the help of its special roller and attached drums to give fine results.

Aayag has always established a friendly environment for its work force and customer’s communication and it provides all available services and help to its customers regarding the usage and training for different models. It has a long service life and in case of damage all the spare parts are readily available and transported to the required area. Aayag has confidence on its products which have always proven to be fully reliable and trustworthy. AMMAN parts and spare parts are all well designed using innovative technologies and parts, high performance lubricants and are sealed for life. They are pressed so heavily using strong machines the even the dirt cannot enter or the lubricant cannot leak. They are designed with expertise and in the manner that they are fit for various work settings and environments. The rollers work by exercising its pressure on the ground and making it flat.

The rollers can work on a any ground; the pedestrian paths, smooth ones, places where soil/ landfill has to be done and this is all done by different drums. AMMAN has different drums for different purposes of varying weights. To know more about Aayag contact us.

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Role of Manitowoc in Building and Rebuilding various Sites

merlo handles in pakistanAkbar Ali & Sons have developed a strong relationship with Manitowoc over the years. Manitowoc have a huge range of cranes including Grove mobile telescoping cranes, Manitowoc lattice boom crawler cranes, Potain tower cranes, National Crane boom trucks and Shuttlelift industrial cranes, Manitowoc-lattice-boom crawler cranes, Grove mobile hydraulic cranes etc. All these  cranes are expertly designed for maximum functionality and value.They have the feature of expanding their roles by adding on different components to it. Akbar Ali & Sons have been dealing with Manitowoc over the period of time and all the cranes have proven to be effective and efficient at work site.

Akbar Ali & Sons have modernised and latest lifting solutions to fulfil different needs at construction site. Manitowoc has a huge range of these lifting solutions, apart from work at construction siteManitowoc cranes are also used for reconstructive purposes. Hurricane sandy rebuilding efforts used Manitowoc crane’s to clean up, the destruction after the hurricane was disastrous and it was a challenge to clean hard hit area especially New Jersey. Few of the companies chose Manitowoc cranesto do the job.

With the help of these Manitowoc cranes the work became quick and successfully the boardwalk which stretched one mile along the Jersey shore was rebuild. Manitowoc crane are compact and manoeuvrable which make them fit for such work as they steady the crane and eases the navigation work at the seashores.Due to its compactness they are less susceptible to strong sea winds as compared to other cranes and the width between its tracks makes it more stable at such work. HenceManitowoc cranes are the necessity for such jobs. Manitowoc cranes are also used at Power stations construction site in many parts of the world. They are able to lift huge volumes of steel beams and steel assemblies to the places where needed and speed up the work making it more efficient and perfect. Manitowoc cranes are designed in the way to fit in different places and be stable on different uneven grounds. Huge projects have became a reality due to these huge Manitowoc cranes and Akbar Ali & Sons is proud to be the distributor of one such useful lifting solution. Manitowoc cranes have developed a name of standard, quality and reliability. They are known for return on investment and leading performance, the mobile telescopic crane uses the patented technologies like MEGATRAK suspension system, the TWINLOCK boom pinning system and the MEGAFORM boom design – all to keep Grove cranes at the top of the market. These have good lifting capacities and cranes are suited to work in different terrains including rough terrains. Aayag has grove mobile telescopic cranes, Maitowoc Lattice Boom Crawler cranes, National crane boom trucks and Portain tower cranes, they all are useful at different construction site to build huge buildings and other places. Trust Manitowoc and trust Akbar Ali & Sons; to know more about these cranes go to and make your order of contact us for consultancy and training for the working and uses of these cranes.

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Merlo Telehandlers; A True Manufacturer and not an Assembler

Akbar Ali & Sons have established its name in the business of material handling and lifting solutions. They are the dealers for Merlo TelehandlersMerlo is a leading brand in the area which has technologically innovative models useful at work place. Merlo has a range of telescopic telehandlers, self loading concrete mixers, tracked carriers and model access platforms. They all have competitive running costs, world-awarding safety features, true adaptability and market leading concepts. Akbar Ali & Sons have been dealing with Merlo Telehandlers and their all models are productive and efficient at work site. By looking at its models and their effective working one can surely say that Merlo is a true manufacturer and not just an assembler.

Merlo is designed in the way that it is fit to work in any restricted area and can lift heights of varying meters and lift tonnes of weight. Merlo can be conveniently used at construction sites or farming areas. It can easily move in different areas is light and compact. Driving Merlo is easy and Akbar Ali & Sons ensures its customers that anyone who is trained can easily drive and work with Merlo. It has instant brakes which help it to stop at any time and increases safety, it warms up quickly on cold days and the ground clearance is high. It has a side-mounted engine and is compact due to its hydrostatic drive and is known for its sheer productivity.

Merlo has always given productive results and has won many awards and medals; it can work both indoors and outdoors. In indoor areas Merlo works in green houses, cattle shed and food processing areas to transport products from one place to another and supply various items. While in outdoor areas Merlo suitably works in ample of areas in both the electrical and hybrid modes. Getting Merlo from Akbar Ali & Sons is a wise decision and can never result in waste of money and resources. Merlo has a standard performance level to work on, it works on less fuel and consumes less, the noise produced is lower hence reducing noise pollution at work station and cuts down pollution.

The performance level of Merlo is measured by the terms of its acceleration, pulling force, maximum speed, load handling time and load capacity. When Merlo is working in hybrid mode the noise pollution is less and is near to zero in full electric mode. These noises are not heard much due to the higher surrounding noises at construction or work sites. Merlo uses a small and a steady engine which limits the fuel consumption and its batteries can be easily charged by local solar panels energy networks installed by the endures. So the telehandler will work on full electric mode without any exhaust emissions.

Day by day these telehandlers are modernizing and improving. Its compactness, efficiency and productivity have all been measured and proven to be successful. To know more about the Merlo telehandlers and related material lifting and handling solutions contact Akbar Ali and Sons and know more about it or purchase them conveniently and without any hassle. Contact today!!!

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