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Heavy Equipment in Pakistan


Akber Ali & Sons are the largest cranes and heavy equipment distributor in Pakistan with full service facilities across Pakistan. Today Akber Ali & sons stands out in the market for a varied range of heavy equipment and renowned brands like; Palfinger, Manitowoc, Konecranes, Hyster, Jlg, Amman, Rioned, Rotair, Grove, Merlo, Tawi, Tractel and many more….

We are a company which helps you determine the right equipment for your need with a promise to do the right job on time any time. We have large inventory in stock for our customers, ready to go on right time.

Akber Ali & Sons service team are well trained and well equipped with spare parts of all kinds dedicated to provide the best customer service to all kinds of industrial sector and different divisions as per their requirement. We are one source of quality equipment to get the job done for you.

From the equipment purchase to its delivery and installation, our service team helps you in every step with its training details and performance satisfaction at your end.

Akber Ali & Sons, today are not only the authorized dealers of the above mentioned brands but also the efficient after sale service providers and instant availability of spare parts and prompt support has helped us gain a good market rapport.

Akber Ali & Sons has been helping many divisions like, Agriculture, Forestry, Civil Defense, Military, Civil aviation, Construction, Industrial, Quarry and Mining, Environment, local council, large Scale projects all over Pakistan Since 1988.

So looking up for any equipment or heavy machine installation or material handling solution for any of your sites; Akber Ali & Sons serves the best.



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Grove Mobile Telescopic Cranes


The Grove cranes by Akber Ali & Sons has gained a well market space in these years especially Pakistan where the increasing need of growing industries and the development phase demands the supply of such innovative equipment like Grove cranes. Grove by Akber Ali & Sons has been a welcome member of the crane community for over half a century, earning a reputation for strong, reliable lifting equipment consistently popular with those who operate it.

Akber Ali & Sons offers a full range of mobile hydraulic cranes from 8.6 t (8.5 USt) to 558.8 t (550 USt), comprising all terrain, rough terrain, truck mounted and industrial cranes. It is also one of the leading suppliers of custom-built military cranes for armed forces and defense sector.

Grove has also led the industry in Pakistan due to its technological innovation. Its MEGATRAK suspension system, the TWINLOCK boom pinning system and the MEGAFORM boom design are unique to Grove and give end users a competitive advantage.

Grove cranes by Akber Ali & Sons are renowned for reliability, return on investment and industry-leading performance. Grove cranes are not only good in performance but also assures safety and reliability of the product for the end users.

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Material handling And Ware Housing Solutions.

Modern warehouse with forklifts

It’s important to consider your product safety and placement by using the right warehousing equipment. We at Akber Ali & Sons assures you the quality that your company would benefit by using our warehousing machines, like Hyster a renowned brand in warehousing industry and material handling solution.

The most important thing in any warehouse is making sure things run smoothly. Smooth operations means customers, retailers and others will get their products, boxes and equipment in a timely manner. Smooth operations also means increased productivity and an increase in overall profits. Akber Ali & Sons guides and sees that we deliver the right equipment that would serve your need, help and assist you and make sure your warehouse is an easier, more efficient environment. Most companies have spacing problems and we at Akber Ali & Sons recommend when purchasing warehouse equipment space should be considered and the equipment should be purchased accordingly.

Similarly Pallet and jack vary in functionality. Some require manual effort where others are almost fully mechanized. Two pallet jacks will often do the exact same thing, but one will be manual and the other will have a motor and be mechanized. Manual equipment is typically less expensive, but usually takes more time and effort to operate. If you have a larger warehouse, we would recommend a mechanized pallet jack. We also sell pallet jacks that are specifically designed to move pallets, others that raise and lower pallets and others that do both.

 Akber Ali & Sons also offer accessories that are sometimes an absolute necessity, such as a box cutter, where others are more of a convenience, such as our anti-fatigue mats. Also back support braces that help prevent back injury. Back support braces and anti-fatigue mats are used as a preventative measure to injury. People positioners and gravity conveyors and many more such products that help increase productivity and the speed of warehouse operations are also available at

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Hyster Electric Pallet Trucks

Hyster Electric Pallet Trucks

What Kind Of Warehouse Equipment Does one need for the placement of bulky products and packages does vary in size from a home garage to a multi-thousand square foot area, as ware houses are different. We at Akber Ali & Sons have machines such as HYSTER a known brand in material handling and ware housing solutions that would help in handling and placement of varied products from food and electronics, to paper, furniture and clothing and more.

Packages and materials or equipment are different and can be more heavy and need to be moved around with precaution and safety, Hyster equipment had been built dynamically to help assist with warehouse operations. A smaller warehouse may only need a simple hand truck, where a large warehouse may need a fully mechanized pallet lifter. Hyster Electric pallet trucks suits every intensive or light operation, delivering reliability, energy efficiency, performance, driver comfort, and low maintenance costs for the most demanding warehouse applications.

From pedestrian pallet trucks for indoor pallet transportation and loading, to electric rider pallet trucks with a load capacity of up to 3000kg, all Hyster pallet trucks at Akber Ali & Sons have ergonomic features designed to reduce operator discomfort and fatigue. The most important feature about Hyster Pallet truck in any warehouse is that it makes sure that everything functions smoothly. Smooth operations means customers, retailers and others will get their products, boxes and equipment in a timely manner. Thus Hyster Pallet Truck assists you and make your warehouse an easier, more efficient environment to work and complete every task without hassle and problems.


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RCM Sweepers at Akber Ali & Sons



Akber Ali & Sons, a renowned name in Pakistan offers a reliable and cost effective solution for a hassle free cleaning and sweeping for commercial and industrial division. RCM floor sweepers are designed with smart cleaning system to effectively clean even the largest areas quickly with optimal dust control. RCM sweepers help you complete the toughest sweeping jobs with maximum efficiency. RCM sweepers lifecycle cost analysis can be determine with its efficiency and performance that will help you judge the value for sweeper machines you are buying. RCM is known for its functionality, durability, usability and power full device in terms of specifications.

These  days every company is looking towards more mechanical than manual products to save time and cost both, RCM  sweepers are designed with its optimal efficiency suitable for more extensive areas such as pavements and large corridors, loading zones, storage areas, open air, warehouses, factory and offices. RCM aims to deduce the labor cost keeping in view the increasing overhead expenses the company has to go through in absence of such innovative devices with particularly long term consequences.

RCM sweepers at Akber Ali & Sons are available in different range and number of models and versions to satisfy different cleaning needs.

Hence today all over Pakistan Akber Ali & Sons has introduced RCM Sweepers that suits individual needs so effectively that it recoups the cost price in the course of its working life.

The maintenance staff at Akber Ali & Sons are available 24/7 at your call and we can provide assistance with any emergency of equipment maintenance and service needed with an aim to provide the best solution at your end to enhance its performance and usability at your end.




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