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Konecranes Electric Chain Hoists



Akber Ali & Sons , supplying Konecranes CLX and SLX chain hoists which are designed for flexibility and durability in industrial applications and demanding workstation use. The use of lifting equipment in challenging and critical environments like offshore lifting operations, including vessels. Safe operation is carried out even in bad weather conditions similarly flourmills, petrochemicals, industrial sector etc. is a tedious part of the material-handling sector.

Konecranes Hoist catering the need with modern and innovative solutions thereby keeping in loop some of the factors driving end user demand and readily working on its improvement and challenges faced, to give the best to its users in the field. Konecranes hoist are of great support and meeting hazardous challenges and problems occurring due to the presence of Vapors, dusts, explosive gases, vapors, mists and more.

The important challenging features is to meet the demand especially the loading capacity, for which the The firm can supply cranes with individual hoists with load capacities With a load range from 60 kg to 5,000 kg, they are extremely versatile.

Akber Ali & Sons supports the end user by providing such innovative Konecranes electric chain Hoist with its reliable safety operational quality and a Super-silent functioning with sensitive controls having automatic safety function for load-lowering in the event of power supply failure.

Konecranes Electric hoist technology is both versatile and one of the most important element of the material-handling sector, offering productive, high yielding, effective and efficient solutions for our end user’s lifting requirements.

Today Akber Ali & sons is the leading name in Industrial and other leading division thereby not only offering productive solutions but also meeting the demand of technical support and after sale services with readily available spare parts.



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Why choose RCM


When looking for the most extensive range of Industrial and municipal sweeping and scrubbing machines, RCM provides the best solutions and serves the best purpose for all kinds of sectors. Akber Ali & Sons is a renowned

RCM has been designing, manufacturing and selling professional floor cleaning machinery, sweepers, scrubbers and road sweepers, which are esteemed worldwide for their high-performance and reliability, since 1970.

Akber Ali & Sons offers A complete range of RCM floor cleaning machinery, 50 models of scrubber-driers in 81 versions to satisfy different cleaning needs; you are sure to find that the one which suits your purpose! Sweepers, street sweepers, scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, single disk machine and more. They are designed in association with cleaning companies and equipment hire companies in order to respond to the intensive and continuous use which is typical of professional cleaners. These sweeper machines distinguishes themselves for the user friendly attitude and maneuverability. They fit to small and medium area, both indoor and outdoor and completes tasks 5 times faster than human.

The RCM technicians at Akber Ali & Sons are always available for advice for the best cleaning solutions.
For any information or clarifications you may require, pleased don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service, which is always at your disposal with courtesy and professionalism.

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Manitowoc Potain Topless Tower Cranes

With the many different features and model discussion about cranes today Akber Ali & Sons shares the news of Manitowoc Potain topless tower Cranes, MCT 205 & MCT 85.

With labour costs on construction sites around the world increasing, Western and Chinese crane manufacturers are looking to build tower cranes in emerging markets, aimed at local users.

The two major Asian construction shows at the end of 2014, bC India and Bauma China, were used by Manitowoc to launch two new Potain topless tower cranes, the MCT 205 and MCT 85. The two cranes have been designed with the needs of users in countries like India and China in mind.

They also demonstrate increasing internationalization in Potain’s tower crane production. Rather than a Chinese tower crane built in Zhanjiagang, or an Indian crane built in Pune, these new cranes will be truly international, with the same cranes being built at both of these plants, and at the company’s Passofundo, Brazil, plant.
Soon, Manitowoc’s Brazilian plant, built from scratch and currently focusing on wheeled mobiles, will begin tower crane production.

Akber Ali & Sons being a proud partner with Manitowoc has always been looking forward to such innovative products and we as the distributor for Pakistan always feel proud and privileged to be the part of their team; thereby providing such tremendous products to our users.

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