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Cranes and lifting machines with Akber Ali & Sons

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A crane is a lifting machine that principally works with the use of pulleys and cables. For the construction industry, cranes are valuable assets because they make working with heavy machinery and construction materials easy.

The invention of these innovative cranes made things and overall life easy for us because without them, loading, unloading, and lifting had to be done by humans manually, would consume more time, and the entire system lacked efficiency. The ancient Greeks invented the first construction crane hundreds of years ago. Modern day construction cranes are huge, taking up tons of material hundreds of meters in height. For high end infrastructure projects, tower cranes are used that have a reach as high as 800 meters.

Construction Cranes uses the pulley and cable system to create a mechanical advantage so that large loads can be lifted. The two most important criteria in crane design are lifting capacity and stability. Winders, cables, ropes, chains, and a basic level-pulley system are essential parts of any type of crane. The lever and other simple machines makes work easier by decreasing the amount of force required to accomplish lifting and moving tasks.

Levers manipulate the torque involved and enable construction engineers to lift heavy loads. A pulley serves its basic purpose, which is to distribute the amount of weight needed to lift an object. Inclusion of electronic components has made cranes even easier to operate because the control remains no more manual. A hi-tech crane will essentially be a combination of simpler systems integrated together.

Different Types of Cranes are available in Pakistan and Akber Ali& Sons still being the largest supplier of all these diversified equipment throughout the region. From Tower crane to vehicle mounted crane, Rough Terrain Crane to Crawler Crane, Aerial Cranes and more such innovative equipment are available with, with ease of after sale services and spare parts availability on the right time.


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