Cranes and Their Importance in Construction Industry

potain tower crane

Cranes play an integral role in the construction industry. These machines are used to lift, move, lower and raise the objects. Cranes have become the most essential and important mechanism in construction sites. Cranes which works normally works with hoist, chains, ropes, wires and sheaves are not only fast but they make the work easier and faster for the projection of work.

Working in construction sites has always been considered as hazardous, Thanks to the innovation and technological development that working on these site with the help of machines have eased the life of labors.

Cranes being an important part of lifting mechanism and plays an important role in the overall project. .Cranes help in moving materials in different directions and locations.

These days with advancement in technology cranes use hydraulic systems, electric motors and internal combustion engines with improved capabilities for its users. Different types of cranes can be hired as per need. From a small Jib Crane to work inside a workshop to tower cranes to construct high buildings and mini cranes to reach difficult spaces during construction, never the less floating cranes for harbors and ships.

Cranes are not only important for construction industry; loading and unloading, moving heavy materials but also cranes are now important equipment used in different sectors like, agriculture, mining, forestry, marine, civil aviation, defense and more..

Contactors, engineers and project managers in different cities of Pakistan hire Aayag to be their partner during construction projects. Akber Ali & Sons is a renowned name in Pakistan not only as dealers of different types of Cranes for different purposes, but also many heavy equipment’s road and construction machineries. An additional feature of is their after sale services and training that has set a landmark in this sector.


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