Industrial Material Handling Solutions by Akber Ali & Sons



With increase in industries and moving towards new and modern technology each day, material handling has also moved towards smart handling solutions. From risky manual handling and unstable & unsecured lifting, it’s always advisable to use technical assistance to avoid such hassles. Using the right equipment leads to smooth and quick operations; likewise vacuum lifters are ideal solution for many sectors and have ease the work and saves time and energy.

Akber Ali & Sons has introduced TAWI in Pakistan, Tawi is a renowned name in Industrial material handling solutions, which offers a wide range of lifting equipment and complete ergonomic lifting solutions. TAWI lifting equipment is low cost, low maintenance equipment that is easy to install and requires minimum effort to use. We supply vacuum liftersVacu Easylift and VacuCobra which stands out due to its dynamic performance and are the original vacuum tube lifters with over 50,000 units installed in over 50 countries. Achieve precise load positioning with these vacuum lifters with lifting capacities ranging up to 270 kg. Akber Ali & Sons has many models that may work right for your sector.

Akber Ali& Sons has supplied this amazing equipment in many divisions across Pakistan and with its amazing material handling and lifting potential, Tawi stands out to be one of the most useful and in demand product for every industry.

With the same our after sale service facility and availability of parts provides ease and satisfaction about the functioning usage of the equipment.

When looking for the best lifting solution for your product, look for Tawi


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