Hook Loader and Skip Loader

Hook And Skiploader

Akber Ali & Sons also supplies and installs the latest Palfinger’s  Hook and Skip Loaders, with highest quality standard and safety assurance. These are the most extended brand of lifting equipment designed for movable containers which deliver high performance, reduces operating cost due to its functional design with enhanced value for money, easy service and maintenance.

Skip Loaders of aayag are powerful vehicle mounted radial hydraulic lifting units for container handling and transportation. With safety assurance and effective usage they offer an ideal weight to capacity ratio that helps in optimizing the efficiency of your vehicle in a wide range of applications.

Also, Hook Loaders are Flexible and robust, with low dead weight and great lifting and tipping capacity a unique hook boom arrangement, perfect for handling a wide variety of container based modules. The Hook Loader is ideal and classic choice for scrap and waste metal disposal, containerized goods, building and construction materials, specialized modules such as fire, crime, accident and medical response units and transporting military materials and equipment.

Akber Ali & Sons have network across Pakistan to assure valued and reliable service 24/7, including supply of spare parts and other training facility.

To get more information on the most appropriate hook loader and skip loaders visit www.aayag.com to meet your requirements


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